Become an MYOB Expert with Bookwiz

MYOB is one of the most popular and powerful accounting software packages for business. But like all powerful tools, it takes time and training to master.

These Bookwiz courses are for anyone who wants to improve their MYOB skills; from first-time users through to experienced bookkeepers who want to learn about new features.

These courses are designed by an award-winning MYOB Certified Consultant and are ideal for;

✓ Improving your MYOB skills for better job opportunities

✓ Small business owners who want to master MYOB themselves

✓ Small business owners who want their accounts and bookkeeping staff trained professionally

✓ Franchisors who need their franchisees better trained and more compliant

Bookwiz Training Packages

  • MYOB Essentials for Beginners
    How to use MYOB Essentials for day to day transactions
  • You’ve just bought MYOB Essentials and want to set it up and use it correctly for your day to day business transactions. It can be a confusing process if you’ve never done it before, so this course takes you step-by-step from setting-up, through to invoicing your customers and recording your expenses.

  • This course covers:

    • ✓ Setting up your business details
    • ✓ Setting up customers and suppliers
    • ✓ Entering sales and customer receipts
    • ✓ Entering supplier bills and payments
    • ✓ Bank transactions and reconciliations
  • MYOB AccountRight for Beginners
    How to use MYOB AccountRight for day to day transactions
  • You’ve just bought MYOB AccountRight and want to set it up and use it correctly for your day to day business transactions. We’ll show you how to find your way around this powerful package and teach you the essentials every business needs to know.

  • This course covers:

    • ✓ Setting up your MYOB file and accounts
    • ✓ Setting up Customer and Supplier information
    • ✓ Create Sales Invoices
    • ✓ Record Customer Payments
    • ✓ Enter Supplier Invoices
    • ✓ Process Supplier Payments
    • ✓ Record Spend and Receive Money transactions
    • ✓ Prepare Bank Deposits
  • The MYOB Masterclass
    Take your MYOB skills to the next level
  • So you know your way around the basics of MYOB AccountRight. Now it’s time to supercharge your skills so you can master some more advanced features of the software and become a power user.

  • This course covers:

    • ✓ Using Job Numbers
    • ✓ How to use MYOB reports effectively
    • ✓ Customise Invoices and Statements
    • ✓ Manage overpayments and refunds
    • ✓ Effectively use Bank Feeds and Rules for auto-coding
    • ✓ Tips and Troubleshooting techniques
    • ✓ Security, Manage Users
    •  BASlink Set-up
    • How to create Electronic Bank Files to make bulk payments
    • How to use recurring transactions to speed up data entry
  • Payroll administration with MYOB AccountRight
    How to set up and process your payroll
  • MYOB’s powerful payroll feature manages every aspect of your payroll including annual leave, employee records and superannuation. However, with the large sums involved in salaries, these advanced features are not for the faint-hearted. Learn how to do it right from the experts.

  • This course covers;

    • ✓ Check and load Tax Tables
    • ✓ Link payroll accounts
    • ✓ How to create new payroll categories
    • ✓ Set up employee details
    • ✓ Manage leave accruals
    • ✓ Process pay runs and pay adjustments
    • ✓ Pay employees electronically
    • ✓ Sending pay slips
    • ✓ Manage superannuation obligations
    • ✓ Produce EOFY Payment Summaries
  • Business Workshop for a Successful Start-Up
  • If you’ve just started a business – or are thinking about starting one – you will have already discovered the importance of accurate record keeping and the complications of complying with tax and accounting rules and regulations.

    Every business faces these challenges, but they don’t have to be daunting. With the right software, and the right guidance and advice, anyone can learn how to keep everything up-to-date and in check.

    This 4 hour course teaches you how to set up a business for success, the common pitfalls to avoid and your obligations around the ATO, BAS and payroll. We’ll also show you how to understand important financial reports to improve your business.

    At the end of the course, you’ll receive a comprehensive information kit containing all you have learned and more.

  • This course covers;

    • ✓ Accounting Software. The importance of choosing the right software that suits your business at start up and for future expansion
    • ✓ Best Practice Record Keeping
    • ✓ A GST overview. What does and doesn’t have GST?
    • ✓ ATO Compliancy around BAS and IAS lodgements. An overview of what a BAS is, lodgement dates and the consequences to late or non-lodgement of BAS
    • ✓ Payroll Compliancy. Covers your obligations and responsibilities as an employer, best practice around paying staff, payroll record keeping, pay slip requirements, etc.
    • ✓ Superannuation Compliancy. Covers the requirements around superannuation reporting and payments, due dates, consequences to late or non-lodgement
    • ✓ Understanding the importance of financial reports. Covers Profit & Loss & Balance Sheet Reports, understanding Cost of Goods and Margins

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